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Introduction to the Department of History Education

Founded in 1983 as approved by the Ministry of Education, the Department of History Education in the College of Education at Korea University aims to train excellent teachers of history and leaders in education and other fields.

The Department of History Education has been a leader in the education of history in Korea since 1984. Its strong faculty includes authoritative scholars with a wide range of specialties, spanning regionally from Korean History to Eastern History and Western History, methodologically from Studies in Teaching Materials for Korean History to Studies in Teaching Materials for World History, as well as general historical theories. The biannual field trips to historic sites also offer students with experiences integral in becoming excellent educators of history. The Department aims to foster well-rounded students with solid historic awareness through its education.

A great number of graduates currently work as teachers of history, or pursue graduate level studies in order to further their academic goals. Equipped with solid historic awareness and qualifications as educators of history, graduates of the Department of History Education also play roles in various fields including research institutes, museums, corporations, and the press.

Educational Objectives

By offering profound knowledge in history, history education, and research experiences, the Department aims to train qualified teachers of history, history education experts, and historians.